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Cosmetic Surgeon Newport Beach, CA - Dr. George Brennan

Mar 29

Orange County, California Residents Should Hire a World-Class Cosmetic Surgeon with Proven Results



A Michigan native, Dr. George Brennan was educated at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, com­pleted an internship at Santa Monica (California) Hospital and his residency at UCLA Medical Center. He is the author of the Medical Textbook, Aesthetic Facial Surgery and has been a contributing author to several books. He has been published in numerous journals and is a frequent guest lecturer and instructor for national and international symposiums on cosmetic surgery. He is the past president of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Association of Cosmetic Surgery. He has served past and present on the board of directors of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The American Association of Cosmetic Surgery, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, The California Society of Cosmetic Surgery, The California Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Foundation for Facial Plastic Surgery and The Foundation for Cosmetic Surgery.


Dr. Brennan has been a leading educator in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. He has conducted a fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery under the auspices of The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He has also trained other Doctors in facial plastic surgery having been approved as a preceptor by The American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Brennan has conducted an annual scientific meeting on the latest advance in facial plastic surgery in Newport Beach, California for many years. Literally thousands of doctors have attended that seminar to learn the cutting edge in the field of facial plastic surgery. 


Dr. George Brennan is in private practice in his Orange County cosmetic surgery facility which serves the Orange County, CA, Riverside County and Los Angeles County  areas. He offers cosmetic procedures for the breasts, face, skin, and body. Dr. George Brennan helps his patients to look younger through his safe and effective surgical procedures. Some of the most popular procedures that Dr. George Brennan provides include facelift, skin rejuvenation, eyelid surgery, upper chest rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, Neograft hair restoration and Botox.


Dr. George Brennan’s expertise as a Cosmetic Surgeon will give you access to the highest quality cosmetic surgery in Newport Beach, California, and Orange County. His attention to detail and expertise helps him to achieve his patients’ beauty goals.


Cosmetic Surgeon in Newport Beach, California

Dr. George Brennan offers a wide array of surgical treatments for rejuvenating the face, neck, decollete, breast, and body. He is reputable for his meticulous and artistic approach to cosmetic surgery. 


If you want beautiful results that look natural, then Dr. George Brennan is the doctor for you. His Newport Beach, California cosmetic practice is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to help you restore a more youthful look.


Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County

Enjoy a visit to Dr. George Brennan’s medical practice and get expert care for your body. Dr. George Brennan offers innovative and cutting-edge Orange County cosmetic surgery that is designed to rejuvenate your body.


He will help offset all damages caused by exposure to sun rays, environmental toxins, and the aging process. He customizes each of his treatments to meet your specific skin type and cosmetic needs. His goal is to ensure that you leave the medical spa with a stunning body that will boost your confidence and make everyone steal glances at you.


Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the highest quality of medical ethics while providing advanced cosmetic treatments using the latest technological advances in cosmetic surgery. The heart of Dr. George Brennan’s practice is patient education, and he does what it takes to ensure that you know what to expect from each cosmetic surgical option before undergoing any procedure.


About Dr. George Brennan

Practicing Cosmetic Surgeon in Newport Beach, California; Dr. George Brennan is a renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Newport Beach and Orange County. He is a highly-rated facial surgeon that serves men and women in the Newport Beach, California area. His passion for cosmetic surgery can be seen in everything he does at his medical spa. He has helped lots of men and women look and feel their best through his innovative approach to cosmetic surgery.


Dr. George Brennan began his medical journey at Wayne State University in Detroit and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His internship at Santa Monica Hospital in California helped him refine his skills and he completed his residency at UCLA Medical Center.


Dr. George Brennan has used his cosmetic surgery practice to guide his patients through their journey towards achieving their beauty goals. His excellent medical education, coupled with his extensive experience has helped him to remain at the forefront of advancements in cosmetic surgery technology and equipment.


Dr. George Brennan offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, such as hair transplant, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, skin rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, chest wrinkles, and Botox. He uses the latest equipment and treatment options. Dr. George Brennan will examine your bone structure, features, and facial symmetry so that he can design the exact cosmetic surgery plan and approach that will help you attain and exceed your aesthetic goals. He gives the same attention to his bodywork.


Why Choose Dr. George Brennan?

Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. George Brennan is a certified Cosmetic Surgeon. This means that you have access to the highest level of expertise, safety, and experience when it comes to cosmetic surgery.


Accredited Medical Spa

Dr. George Brennan carries out his cosmetic surgeries in an accredited surgical center. This assures you that you will undergo procedures in a certified facility that adheres to the highest standards of  safety.


Successful Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Dr. George Brennan has performed many successful and effective cosmetic surgeries. Feel free to go through his patients’ reviews and, the before and after gallery to see the results he has delivered for his patients.


Personalized Care

You are not just another patient to Dr. George Brennan. He will work with you to know what your goals are and explain the different options that might suit your unique situation. He will then design an individualized cosmetic surgery plan that fits your needs and meets your aesthetic goals.


What We Offer

Skin Rejuvenation

You can beat aging with the help of Dr. George Brennan. Loosening skin is a result of changes in facial fat and natural deterioration of collagen and other agents that rejuvenate the skin. The pace at which this happens in people differs, but it is a condition that will be experienced by everyone.


Dr. George Brennan is committed to patient satisfaction. He'll deliver excellent results that will exceed your beauty goals. He offers different forms of cosmetic surgical treatments to help you achieve your dream body. His dedication to the highest level of expertise, coupled with his careful attention to detail will help you get the skin rejuvenation you crave.


He uses the most innovative skin rejuvenation treatments to get your skin glowing again.


Learn more about skin rejuvination services here - 


Eyelid Surgery

Are you bothered by puffy under-eye bags or droopy upper eyelids? Dr. George Brennan’s eyelid surgical treatment can help.


Changes in the eyes, caused by aging, can make you look older than your age. It can also make you look tired and may hurt your vision. That doesn't have to happen to you when you decide to work with Dr. George Brennan of Newport Beach, California. He is a certified cosmetic surgeon adept at performing eyelid surgery. His eyelid surgical treatments get rid of excess fat, muscle, and skin from the upper and lower part of the eyes.


Contact Dr. George Brennan today for a firmer and more youthful-looking eye area. He can perform the surgery on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both depending on what you want. Dr. George Brennan is consistently referred to as one of the top Cosmetic Surgeon and eyelid specialists in Orange County. He uses a wide range of cosmetic surgical techniques to give his patients the eyelids they desire.


He also spends time with each patient so that they understand the different eyelid surgery options they have and to ensure that they are satisfied with the result.


Learn more about eyelid surgery here - 


Neograft Hair Transplants

Do you suffer from a receding hairline, thinning hair, or balding areas? Then Dr. George Brennan’s Neograft hair transplant might be a perfect fit. His innovative hair transplant harvests healthy hair follicles and transplants them to balding or thinning areas.


The Neograft hair transplants done at Dr. George Brennan’s medical spa do not leave any linear scars. His procedure will help you look younger without any complications that are associated with older hair transplant methods. Dr. George Brennan’s Neograft hair transplant technique gives natural-looking results (no one will even know you went through the procedure once your hair starts growing).


Dr. George Brennan’s hair transplant technique will help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your thinning or balding areas will be filled in with natural hair.
  • It is a minimally-invasive procedure that has little recovery time.
  • It won’t leave any unsightly scar.
  • You will experience minimal pain and discomfort while enjoying a natural-looking result.


Learn more about Neograft services here - 


Breast Augmentation

Do you want to improve your breasts’ shape and fit better in your clothes? Then Dr. George Brennan’s breast augmentation can help.


Many women opt for breast augmentation after childbirth and nursing. This is because their breasts might have changed due to the increase in size during pregnancy. Nursing may also cause the breasts to suffer from atrophy and deflation.


Certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Brennan can help you attain your beauty goals with his innovative breast augmentation surgery. He has helped lots of women in Newport Beach, California to reclaim their youthful looks and enhanced self-image through his safe breast augmentation procedure.


Learn more about breast augmentation services here - 



Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It is a painless, simple, and highly effective procedure which  requires little time for patient recovery. Although minimal, it comes with some risks. Experienced Cosmetic Surgeons, like Dr. George Brennan, are adept at reducing the risks associated with Botox.


At Dr. George Brennan’s medical spa, you will undergo a Botox surgery procedure that will improve your deep wrinkles (irrespective of where they are on your face). Get in touch with Dr. George Brennan today to discuss your options. Depending on your specific condition, he will recommend one of his innovative rejuvenation procedures (in addition to Botox) to help you achieve your beauty goals.


Learn more about Botox services here - 


Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty

Do you have a deviated septum that is giving you problems (such as poor sleep and difficulty breathing)? The septoplasty offered by Dr. George Brennan is the solution you need. He has the experience and expertise required to carry out the procedure. Dr. George Brennan, in Newport Beach, California, is certified in cosmetic surgery and has carried out many nasal procedures in his career.


Dr. George Brennan offers rhinoplasty and septoplasty to his patients in Newport Beach, California, and Orange County areas. He understands that the nose is an important part of the face. He'll ensure you are pleased with your new nose.


If you don’t like the appearance of your nose, Dr. George Brennan can help you boost your confidence through his rhinoplasty procedure. Schedule an appointment to discuss your unique needs. 


Learn more about Rhinoplasty services here - 



The facelift is an effective method of correcting moderate to severe aging signs. Renowned Orange County and Newport Beach, Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. George Brennan, provides facelift patients with great-looking results that portray a natural beauty that only experts can provide.


You can’t take any chances when it comes to tackling facial aging. If you need facelift surgery in Orange County, you need an experienced surgeon that will perform the procedure right the first time. This is why you should work with a reputable surgeon like Dr. George Brennan. Dr. George Brennan has performed several successful facelift procedures that provide long-lasting results for both men and women in Newport Beach, California.


Dr. George Brennan will answer your questions and also address your concerns during your consultations with him. He will also be gentle during the facelift procedure so that you can have a facelift experience that you will always be glad to remember.


Learn more about Facelifts here - 


Upper Chest Rejuvenation

Are you bothered by wrinkles on the upper part of your chest? The upper chest rejuvenation procedure that was developed by Dr. George Brennan will help. Dr. George Brennan’s cosmetic surgery facility is on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery treatments. He is the first cosmetic surgeon in the country to offer upper chest rejuvenation to his patients.


Dr. George Brennan’s upper chest rejuvenation procedure will help you achieve smoother and more youthful skin in the area above your breasts. This option is popular for women in Newport Beach, California.


The upper chest rejuvenation procedure that Dr. George Brennan performs is painless and gets rid of the signs of aging and sun damage at the upper part of your chest. The procedure also tightens the skin (just like the skin rejuvenation procedure he offers). Dr. George Brennan uses a range of innovative treatments to improve skin that has been damaged by exposure to the sun.


Doctor Brennan can also help people suffering from cankles which you can learn more about here - 


Rejuvenate Yourself with Safe Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County

Dr. George Brennan offers safe and non-invasive rejuvenation. When it comes to beauty rejuvenation, safety is always an issue. This is because medical spa operators are not compelled to have special credentials.


However, certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. George Brennan, oversees his medical spa and personally carries out most of the non-invasive procedures. He uses his extensive training and expertise to help his patients get the best cosmetic surgical procedures available today.


Dr. George Brennan knows why you need to look great and does all it takes to offer you customized cosmetic surgical procedures that will give you smooth skin and recapture your youth.


Achieve a Stunning Figure with the Latest Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach, California

Nothing is as appealing as having a firm and sculpted body that is youthful and has no excess fat. Through the advanced body sculpting methods offered by Dr. George Brennan, you will get the body you want. He carries out custom body rejuvenation procedures that will make you look and feel confident.


Dr. George Brennan’s cosmetic surgery will help you restore the firm and awe-striking figure that you crave.


Schedule a Consultation

Dr. George Brennan is at the cutting edge of performing minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedures. As we grow older, our face changes in different ways. Although old aesthetic treatments focused on changes in skin and descent of tissues, Dr. George Brennan’s approach focuses on the loss of volume in the face and other target areas.


If you need a truly innovative cosmetic surgery in Orange County or Newport Beach, California, schedule a consultation with Dr. George Brennan. He looks forward to answering your questions and helping you attain your beauty goals.


More information can be found by visiting the office here:


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