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Medical billing software for Practice Fusion customers

Jan 18

What is Practice Fusion?

Practice Fusion can be defined as a cloud-based unified electronic health record (EHR) management software. This solution connects physicians, patients, and data on the same platform to ensure that better healthcare is provided to the patients. The medical billing software uses EHR helps to streamline the clinical workflow so that paperless service is delivered to the following:

  • Medical practitioners
  • Small practice setups
  • Legal, medical groups
  • Academic institutions
  • Non-profit organizations 

Practice Fusion's primary modules

EHR module

The EHR module of the Practice Fusion offers some incredible features. It's just like you have replaced a human medical billing specialist with a robot. The EHR module incorporates features like the following:

Automatic import of customer data. This reduces the time that otherwise would be consumed by manual data entry.

  1. Quick product implementation cycle without any downtime.
  2. Online appointment scheduling also includes the facility of online check-ins.
  3. Electronic sharing of histories of patients and results of different medical tests.
  4. Mates with different medical billing software. 

This module also provides other features, including medical appointments scheduling, automatic patient eligibility checks, appointment reminders, and claims management.  

Practice management module

This practice fusion module permits the users to manage the practice's workflows with intuitive reporting and electronic task management. It also offers the following features:

  1. Control of all communications from a single inbox
  2. Electronically referring patients
  3. Consolidating front desk & back-office responsibilities 

Charting module

This module of the solution provides around a thousand pre-defined charting templates and customizable templates. These templates capture most of the clinical workflows. 

E-prescribing module

The E-prescribing module of the solution allows medical practitioners to send electronic prescriptions directly from their patients' charts. In addition, it also permits clinical professionals to submit & receive imaging and lab results now from the medical charts of the patients.

Some advantages of using Practice Fusion EHR

The EHR of Practice Fusion electronically records all clinical engagements to provide medical practitioners and medical organizations with a paperless workflow. 

This solution also provides a unified practice management system. After each patient visits the doctor, this suitable system organizes & streamlines patient records. 

The EHR suite offers pre-defined charting templates as well as customizable templates. These templates allow the medical professionals to record and send or share lab images, reports, and results to patients' records.

Practice Fusion provides the best customer support through many platforms. This customer support guides users on importing patient data, implementing the solution, and making billing selections.

Practice Fusion permits patients to schedule online check-in, appointments, and track indicators. This helps the patients to meet their goals easily. 


It also provides patients a  portal that permits them to record their personal information & medical history, including their data entry time and the medical professionals' efforts.

It is also HIPAA compliant and partners with major medical billing companies such as UControl Billing, NueMD, AdvancedMD, CollaborateMD, etcetera.

What is medical billing software?

We can define Medical billing software as a computer application. This application helps to automate the billing process of healthcare. This software is a helping hand for many medical practices and medical billing companies.

  • Improve reimbursement rates
  • Optimize revenue
  • Sustains its financial health
  • Schedule appointments
  • Process payments

Good medical billing software can address every part of the medical billing workflow. Here is how the medical billing software works for a medical practice:

With medical billing software in place, the front desk members can check the insurance eligibility before scheduling their appointment. They can also set up automatic patient reminders to decrease no-shows. 

The information of when a patient visits the doctor is sent from EHR to the medical billing software. The software enables better communication between the clinical and front desk staff.  

The claim scrubbing features of medical billing software helps in improving the claim acceptance rate. 

How does good billing software streamlines operations of medical practice?  

  1. A fully integrated billing software and EHRs will decrease the rework and lessen errors while copying and pasting between systems. With minimal clicks, it provides a unified view of all patients.   
  2. The billing software central that offers billing office features allows multi-physician and multi-location practices to manage and comprehend billing processes at every level.
  3. The claim scrubbing ability of medical billing software can improve the first-pass acceptance rate. This happens because the medical billing software inspects claims for errors before submitting them to payers. In addition to that, it also automatically generates claim worklists that then help the billers to stay focused.
  4. If the billing software comes with an integrated clearinghouse, it will let the billers submit claims via a single interface to hundreds of payers, resulting in faster reimbursements.

Best Medical billing software for Practice Fusion customers

As stated before, Practice Fusion can partner up with different billing companies. The best medical billing company to partner up with is Ucontrol Billing. The most established forum for Practice Fusion customers who need sound billing solutions with medical billing specialists. With UControl Billing and Practice Fusion, a practice can manage their entire claims process in a unified way as the manual process would become automatic, and the workflow. You'll also improve. Also, you will be provided with claims status tracking, auto-generated collection worklists, and centralized billing. 

The medical billing specialist of UControl Billing easily identifies claim issues and errors before submission by using different edits on every claim for HIPPA, CCI, LCD, and insurer-specific requirements. Outsourcing medical billing services from UControl Billing will ensure that first-pass clean claims are achieved with an acceptance rate of 95%. Some other services provided by Ucontrol billing include practice management and telemedicine billing. To know more about this medical billing company, click on the attached link! 

Advantages of Medical Billing Software in your EHR

If you get industry-leading medical billing software, you'll have many advantages. It provides flexible billing options, automatic eligibility checks, and more. You'll also get professional billing support from the best medical billing specialist. When the software integrates with your EHR, you'll get these benefits:

  • Whether you manage billing in-house or outsource medical billing services, the amalgamation of EHR and medical billing software simplifies the billing process. UControl Billing and other such providers ensure that the practice gets paid faster. Your billing process will become a cool breeze with streamlined electronic medical billing.  
  • The medical billing software ensures that accurate claims are submitted, and also the certified medical billing specialist provides correct ICD-10 codes.
  • Integrated billing software also helps automatically verify patients' eligibility and records patient copays in your EHR every time they visit.
  • Good medical billing software and perfect EHR  ensure that ICD-10 compliant superbills are generated, and there is no double-entry to increase accuracy.